Statue of Liberty,,, and are practically clones. They are allied with,, and Citizens for a Jew-Free America.

So, what’s my point? The obvious point is that Jews control the United States. Even people who know that may not be aware of the magnitude of their power.

They control our lives from cradle to grave, screwing our parents, degrading the public schools we attend, ensuring that we get substandard wages and benefits, making sure we pay more than our fair share of taxes, forcing us to subsidize the Jews’ endless wars, and on and on.

And when you finally retire and you struggle to survive on what’s left of your pension—dreading the day the Jews terminate social security—the Jews still aren’t finished with you. If you have any extra money to leave to your children, the Jews will make sure it gets taxed again. And if you wind up in a nursing home and can’t pay the bills, your home, business, or farm may be confiscated, all because the Jews favor endless war and corporate welfare over free health care.

All the above is just part of the story. Ever hear of the Sacklers? They’re the Jewish family behind the opioid crisis, which kills tens of thousands of Americans every year. The annual death toll has been at least as high as 50,000—about the number of soldiers we lost in Vietnam over a period of two decades. That’s an average of 1,000 dead people per state, with an average cost probably exceeding $1 billion per state. An African American falsely accused of possession of cocaine can spend decades in prison, but not one member of the Sackler family has spent a single day in prison.

Take a closer look at the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, Las Vegas, all those Hollywood rapists, the Jew-controlled media, and the almost unbelievable number of Jews infesting our government, and you will begin to understand why our country is so fucked up.

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